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Aleatha Romig, Cunning (My Review )

Cunning (Infidelity, #2)Cunning by Aleatha Romig

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I waited for what felt like forever for this one and after betrayal i felt like someone greedy and wanted to camp in the Romig household until she wrote this one (yes i wanted it that bad lol ) ok so this one really did not disappoint and as pointed out there was yet another shocker cliffhanger and now i want more again Nox is fast becoming one of my Top Ten boyfriends, just when i thought i had this book figured it i was like WHAT ?? and turning back a few pages to see if i read the bit before wrong that it was now throwing me for a loop, Brilliant writing style, Brilliant story, really HOT sex ! and a hot as hell alpha male now who does not want that ? you guys know how i feel about spoilers so i shall leave it there and with this you do not want to miss these babies fantastic reads you cannot put down, Would nox be my book boyfriend ? hell yes he’s mine i claimed him after betrayal. MINE !

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