Prick Tease by Misti Murphy ( Review By Lynne)

Prick TeasePrick Tease by Misti Murphy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Claire grew up with 4 brothers. Well, three brothers and one may-as-well-be brother. With an entourage like that, it is no wonder she reached her 20s without a serious boyfriend.
It wasn’t that big a deal. And the good girl image was great for her charity. Her fiance was everything she wanted, good looking, business savvy and not pushing her into “going too far” before they were married.
Until one night Claire called in to find that he wasn’t all she thought. Running back to the place she feels safest, Claire runs straight into a blast from her family’s past.
Suddenly her sanctuary doesn’t feel quite so safe anymore.

This book was fantastic. I read it overnight in one session because I couldn’t put it down!
Although the first in a series about the Hadley family, this book stands alone – although I guarantee I’m not the only one who had the next book ready to go before I finished the first!

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