Rise To Me by Shani Struthers ( Series Review By Lynne)

Rise To Me (Psychic Surveys, #2)Rise To Me by Shani Struthers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Psychic Surveys Series
Book 1 – The Haunting Of Highdown Hall
Book 2 – Rise to Me
Book 3 – 44 Gilmore Street

As a huge fan of the paranormal genre, I have read many books on the topic of Psychics and Ghosts but this is a refreshing new take on an often overdone genre.
Ruby Davis’ mission, along with moving grounded spirits into the light, is to bring her profession into the light also, as it were. She set up her business on the high street and employed, freelance, a group of people with similar skills.
Then waited, and soon the cases rolled in.
Shani Struthers weaves an exciting and gripping story, without losing sight of her primary aim – to make her characters as real as the world in which they live. I’ve been up more than one night in the last weeks, worrying about the decisions Ruby and co make and the consequences they face.
I am using one review for all 3 books ive read so far for a couple of reasons.
1. The blurb tells you what you need to know about the plot – anything I add will simply be spoilers.
2. Before I finished each book, I had already downloaded the next in series and couldn’t wait to start.
3. Shani Struthers’ writing is consistently brilliant, polished and takes you through the story in turns slowly and quickly depending on the experiences of the characters.
Shani Struthers is now on my “one-click” list – and soon she’ll take her place on yours.

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