Running Wild by J.L. Sheppard (Reviews by Gina, Wendy , Louise and Evelyn )

Running Wild (Hell Ryders MC #1)Running Wild by J.L. Sheppard Gina’s Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off this isn’t your usual biker book, and I totally loved that, for once this was more than just sex and foul language. The book might contain some triggers it does contain a loser of a guy who beats up his girlfriend. Allie has spent her life growing up in a sheltered world in NY, she is a good girl, who went to the right schools, went to work for her Daddy’s company and got engaged to the “perfect” man because her Daddy told her to. After said jack ass cheats on her and beats her up, Allie leaves and goes to her brother Ty (Army in the book, who happens to be a ex military/ biker) and meets one of his biker brothers Jace (Trig ex sniper/biker) and its pretty much love at first site. But bikers have their own set of rules, so not only does Allie have the ex Jackass coming to look for her (in the book his name is Wyatt, I prefer Jackass) but Allie is also Off Limits to the Biker Brothers because she is Army’s sister. There are some great scenes with Allie and the some of the Brothers, Allie has some run ins with some of the women who hang out at the club house which in the book are referred to as “taps” which is so much better then what they are normally called.

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Wendy’s Review
I received and ARC in exchange for an honest review.
When Allie runs away from an abusive relationship, she goes to her brother Ty (Army), who is in a MC. Once there she meets Jace (Trig), who is an ex sniper, and he is placed on protection duty for Allie. Loved the banter between all of the characters.
If you enjoy MC stories, then don’t give this book a miss. An enjoyable read! Well done J.L. Sheppard on writing your first MC book. I hope it is not your last, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.



Louise’s Review

This was a good story. Sweet and very alpha male. I was a little confused to which character was telling the story. It kind of jumped from one to another, but did make sense. I found myself wanting to know more and who did what and what was going on. Allie was running away from her old life, wanting a fresh start. So she hops on a plane goes to the one place she knows she will be safe, but ends up with a group of burly MCs. Then he comes and she is somewhat relieved. who is the the guy with him? I loved this story and really would love to read more.


Evelyn’s  Review

Title: Running Wild
Author: J.L. Sheppard
Series: Hell Ryders MC #1 (standalone in a series)
Genre: MC romance
Rating: **

Although this was a well-written MC romance, with a strong subplot centred around an abusive relationship, it didn’t quite suck me in enough. I found the constant veering to and fro of the characters pretty frustrating, and really really wished they’d just ‘fess up their feelings for one another rather than use such a silly excuse to not be together.

I also felt that there were a few too many supporting characters – which is great, but it was difficult to keep track, especially as they were so well-developed within this book itself, meaning it was hard to get involved with the main characters when others, like Cuss, were more interesting to me.

Finally, I just wasn’t feeling Jace. He was too angry and domineering for me, too quick to rage, and too protective, despite his romantic side. I like alpha men as much as the rest, but this was just a bit too much.

Regardless, there is a lot of potential here for further books in the series, and lots of interesting characters to explore further; judging from the strength of the subplot within this book (which was probably the best part of it), we should hopefully be in for a treat.

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