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Chasing Dreams by Alison Mello (Gina’s Review )

Chasing DreamsChasing Dreams by Alison Mello

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Logan is pretty damn sexy, think Christian Grey, just without the tie. Skylar is beautiful (thankfully not virginal) and knows what she is doing, so they are pretty much made for each other, so no awkward having to google stuff, and getting freaked over stuff (hated that about 50 shades) Logan is a club owner and Skylar is a singer/bartender they happen to meet one night thanks to Skylar’s BFF Sadie and her boyfriend Jonah who happens to work for Logan. Logan has alot of Mr.Grey in him without it bordering on full on BDSM, The sex scenes in the book are extremely hot, but they aren’t violent in nature, so no triggers. The banter with Skylar & Logan is really cute and funny, Skylar has alot of personality and it comes across in the book, she is very sassy and it shows. Logan is very controlling, but its in the good way. All & All its a very good book, the back round characters are great, some could probably get their own book (Shane & Katie) Would totally recommend this to friends to read.

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