Falling Sky by Lisa Swallow ( Gina’s Review )

Falling Sky (Blue Phoenix, #2)Falling Sky by Lisa Swallow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am going to combine my review to books 1 & 2, I am kind of not sure to begin with this one, Dylan and Sky are kind of intense from the minute they meet when Dylan hits the back of Sky’s car. Then they end up together sharing a house together on holiday and it turns out they have a history together not realizing that they technically grew up together spending holidays at the same beach house. Dylan is a major rockstar and Sky has no idea who he is, and that is one of the reasons that Dylan falls in love with her. Sky runs off to escape a cheating boyfriend and Dylan runs off to escape the pressure of being famous. Tragedy after tragedy starts to strike Dylan and Sky between a rape charge that turns out to be bogus, an overdose, a friend in coma and so much more drama, there is only so much that Sky can take, Dylan is trying so hard to be a better man, meeting Sky makes him want to be a better man, Dylan is tired of the drinking and the drugs, he realizes there is more to life,meeting Sky is probably the one thing that saves Dylan life. We also get a look at the other guys in the band Liam with his gold digger girlfriend Honey, Bryn, and Jem, I really loved Sky and her take no shit attitude, and how she puts Dylan in his place, he is totally humbled. Dylan is used to only thinking about himself and now that he has found Sky he is totally grounded and he finally found his peace.

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