Rising by Lisa Swallow ( Gina’s Review )

Rising (Blue Phoenix, #4)Rising by Lisa Swallow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can i be totally honest and tell you how much I hated Jem when I first met him in Dylan & Sky’s story, Jem was the total ass of the group, somewhere along the way Jem had gotten lost to drug and alcohol and really became full of himself, and he began to distance himself away from the guys in the band, after causing a young lady to basically OD on drugs he left behind, another trip of rehab is what Jem needs, this time around Jem is finally ready to work the program, he knows what his triggers are and he is finally making progress until the bands Manager Steve asks him to go scout some new talent for them and maybe find the next big thing. which he finds in a girl named Ruby. Ruby is battling her own demons but their is an attraction to the bad boy of Phoenix and along the way once Ruby and Jem learn to talk and trust another, they realize they are both falling in love with each other. Of course there are some ups & downs, but I have a feeling about these 2.

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