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Unplugged by Lisa Swallow (Gina’s review )

Unplugged (Blue Phoenix, #3)Unplugged by Lisa Swallow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off why are there no sexy gingers as leading men in novels? Liam was H.O.T
When we first met Liam it was in Dylan & Sky’s story, Liam was with Honey (I had some serious Honey Boo Boo flash backs everytime her name is mentioned) Our story begins with Liam actually thinking of marrying the god awful gold digger! Poor Liam!!! Around Christmas time pics leak of Honey with another man, So Liam goes home to have a Welsh Christmas with his family, when he gets home he discovers a family friend and her daughter living there with his family.
Cerys and her daughter Ella are thrown out of their home by her boyfriend and Ella’s dad Craig (aka the douche bag) Sparks start to fly between Cerys and Liam, and Liam is just amazing with Ella. Something happens that calls Liam away (band business) Liam doesn’t want to leave but he has no choice. The the jerk shows up and convinces Cerys to being Ella home with promises of change. Flash forward, Liam actually attempts to marry Honey, coming to his senses and leaving her the day of the wedding (totally loved this part) and finally wakes up to realize his heart belongs with Cerys and Ella. Rushing back home to Cerys and Ella, Craig causes so much drama for them and pulls one stunt that I am shocked that Liam didn’t kill him for. The guys in the band make a couple appearances in the story, some awesome news about Dylan and Sky, and it seems that Jem might actually be sober???? and I swear Bryn is hiding something 🙂

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