Storm by Jo Raven (Review By Lynne)

Storm (Sex and Bullets, #1)Storm by Jo Raven

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Raylin is on the run. Running from a past she dare not discuss for fear of endangering those around her, she meets Storm. He too is in hiding. Can they bring themselves to trust each other enough to open up? Or is the danger following her too great?
From the first page to the last full stop this book had me gripped. I laughed with Raylin and Storm, cried with them. And rowed with poor WildWelshMan when their emotions spilled over into real life.
This book is the first in a series, only touching on characters that feature in the next books. It would stand alone perfectly well but I give you my personal guarantee that you will want to know Hawk and Rook’s stories as much as you needed to know Storm’s. Sitting in a restaurant, prepared for a big announcement from Chase, Layla finds her world crumbling. The eyes of the entire restaurant on her, she has no idea what to say or do next. Then Jamie ‘Hawk’ Fleming invites, no, commands her to join his table.
Layla has no idea what to do next. Thoroughly derailed, her life has abandoned her plan and taken off on its own terms. All she can do is hang in and enjoy the ride.
This Novella is a prequel to the book “Hawk”. Fascinating and flustering all at once, this book gains a coveted SPLAT rating – due to a medical condition, strong emotions cause me to lose consciousness. Very few books achieve this, but this one did. Twice. For that alone, you MUST read this book.

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