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Falling Deep by Diana Gardin (Review By Gina )

Falling DeepFalling Deep by Diana Gardin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reed Hopewell is sexy corporate worker by day and a sexy rocker on the weekends. Hope Dawson is a counselor by day working with needy kids and a call girl on the weekends for her evil as hell step dad who uses her younger sister to keep Hope working in the “family” business.
I totally fell in love with Reed, how could you not, the total bad boy, rocking the suit at the family firm during the day in a job he totally hates, covering up the tats and probably draining his soul and letting it all out on the weekends when he sings, one night he is finally spotted by a producer who might finally make all his dreams come true.
Hope is a beautiful young women who has the luck of having a shitty mom and a even worse step father and a baby sister Violet who she would give her life for, the mom abuses Violet, so Hope is working as a call girl (non – sexual) saving all the money she can so she can take Vi and get her out of there and give her a better life.
How can you not root for these two to be together, its a fairy tale love story, with so much heartache thrown in, you get your heart torn out before you get your HEA.
Reed is the perfect book boyfriend.

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