Last True Hero by Diana Gardin ( Review By Gina )

Last True Hero (Battle Scars, #1)Last True Hero by Diana Gardin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How can you not fall for a sexy ass ex Army Ranger with the name Dare Conners?
the name alone is enough to make a girl wet. So Dare is home after being discharged from the Army, after almost being killed on a mission in Africa. Berkeley is a Navy brat (meant in a nice way) whose parents have decided her whole entire life right down to whom she will marry and where he will be stationed at since his family is also Navy and bff’s with her family.
Dare comes into her restaurant one night and sparks fly so they act on it, and they are both hooked. But so many things stand in their way, like the fact that Berkeley’s parents already have her engaged and then marrying somebody else.
I fell in love with Dare by the end of Ch.1, how could you not? The stuff he has suffered through and the nightmares from his PTSD totally will break your heart, and he is a fighter, you have to love a man who will do anything for you.
Berkeley stands up for Dare sometimes alittle to late and it causes some issues, I swore at the book a few times, Nobody was going to hurt Dare ( I called dibs)
Great book, great romance, must read!!!

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