Saved By The SEAL by Diana Gardin ( Review By Gina )

Saved By The SEAL (Battle Scars, #2)Saved By The SEAL by Diana Gardin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Grisham Abbot is the a Navy Seal who is about to be retired from the Seals thanks to an injury he received during a mission. Greta Owen is ex roommates with Grisham’s ex girlfriend Berkeley, so we got the whole awkward thing going on. After getting stationed back home after injury Grisham and Greta meet up again on the beach and Grisham saves Greta’s life, and slowly these 2 begin to date & fall in love, there are a bumps along the way. I really wanted to hate him in the first book, he was trying to come between Dare & Berkeley, but now we have like 2 years gone by and he has grown up alot and finally gotten over the brain washing from the families that him & Berkeley were went to be together. Greta’s father run’s a security firm that is basically ex military run ( Dare is there now) And Mr. Owen offers Greta a job there and eventually a job offer to Grisham. I went in to this book wanting to hate Grisham, because of the way he was portrayed in book 1, by the end of the book I was loving him and rooting for him to get Greta. Such a great guy who has been through hell & back and Greta is the perfect match for him, I look forward to getting updates from them in other books..

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