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Whiskey by Krissy V. (Tracy’s Review )

Whiskey (Whiskey Sour, #1)Whiskey by Krissy V.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You guys who like insta love this is one for you !
Whiskey is lets say a troubled girl who gets mixed up in a lot of shit, i felt real bad for her but i admired her strength at times because i think if it was me there would have been a point i crumbled in the corner to be fair, but she meets Sawyer and his insta love and attraction to her brought a whole new side to the story for me the man goes all out for love i’ll give him that, there may be triggers for some of Rape and Captive so you guys might wanna consider that before you jump in. great book lots of twists and turn i really liked it.

Would Sawyer Be My Book Boyfriend ? Hell yes he is my book husband This one ladies is Mine #Claimed

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