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Forever My Soldier by Alison Mello ( Gina’s Review )

Forever My Soldier (Love Conquers Life, #3)Forever My Soldier by Alison Mello

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off I was dreading reading this book, I am not ready to let Carter and Patty go yet, lol
In just 3 books we have seen these 2 completely grow and change for the better. Patty finally stands up to her over bearing mother and gets her life back, and Carter finally learns to deal with his PTSD. But the heart of these books has always been the love that Carter and Patty have for each other, no matter what happens these 2 always found their way back to each other, sometimes it was a slight misunderstanding, or a meddling mother, a crazy ass ex boyfriend, but love has always brought them home to each other. Through it all they learned to talk to each other, never go to bed angry, and make time for each other.
I loved how Carter’s PTSD was dealt with, you can tell alot of research was put into it and it wasn’t just an after thought thrown in to the book. Our troops are coming home with this and families are dealing with this daily.

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