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Whiskey by Krissy V. ( Gina’s Review )

Whiskey (Whiskey Sour, #1)Whiskey by Krissy V.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First thing I thought of when I saw the cover was Nicole Kidman & Moulin Rouge! That hot sexy singing and dancing but this book had so much more. “Whiskey” ran away from home at a young age and ends up working as an escort, one night she meets an extremely handsome man Sawyer Callahan I normally like to picture sexy hollywood hunks when I am lost away in books, but I couldn’t find one to compete with Sawyer so for now he in unclaimed, lol
What happens to Whiskey is pure hell, and may send off triggers for some, it’s not a happy go lucky book, it’s got some serious screw with your mind parts. If you can make it past that, the end is so worth it. Looking forward to reading about the other girls and what happened in their lives to bring them to Whiskey

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