The Goodbye Girl by A. Giannoccaro ( Lynne’s Review )

The Goodbye Girl (Red Market #2)The Goodbye Girl by A. Giannoccaro

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book left me feeling soiled and grubby and not in a fun way – and yet, and yet? I couldn’t put it down and bought the sequel before I had even finished the first book.
It is DARK. More than Dark, this book is twisted and warped and you definitely need to read the disclaimers before you read.

Following on from the first book The Goodbye Man, The Goodbye Girl continues to be focused on Svetlana although it is still told from multiple points of view. Like the first, this book draws you in, making you want so much to hate these people who live in a world on the same planet, yet so far removed from our own. And Yet. Although you cannot like or love these people (who feel more like people than characters in a book) you become invested in them and HAVE to know what happened.

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