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A Little Band of Red by Lily Freeman ( Tracy’s Review)

A Little Band of Red (The Red Series, #1)A Little Band of Red by Lily Freeman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

i really loved this book but i got to tell you guys one of my peeves popped out at me while reading it and i was yelling no no no in my head and it kinda put a little downer on the book for a while … he’s christian grey ! no no no no no i can’t i’m sorry i just can’t there will only ever be one and a lot of people compare him in books and on books and i just can’t …

so overlooking my peeve this is actually a brilliant book and i think fans of Cherise Sinclair , Roni Loren and shayla Black will totally love this book, it has that romantic Dom Vibe about it that we all love, Luke is a really strong character and i must admit at times he made me step back and think a lot about his actions but all in all hes actually quite lovable , not sure about the gay neighbours they came across more bi than gay but maybe that is just me ?
great book i look forward to book 2 i just pray Christian does not make an entry into it eek !
Would Luke be my book boyfriend ? yes yes he would but would i share him? yeahhh i think i would so i won’t claim him 🙂

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