Candy Boys by Jo Raven ( Anna’s Review )

jrcandyboysbookcover6x9_nw_medium-1Candy Boys by Jo Raven

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Jo Raven and Be My Book Boyfriend for the opportunity.

Candy Boys is a story that took the reading of the whole book for me to make a decision on how I felt about it. It started off very slowly with Candy not making a particularly good impression – she’s just so perky and has a tendency to put her foot in her mouth. I’m also not a fan of YA stories and this felt like one to me, a little on the immature side and lacking in experience.
But in giving it every chance, the book just got better and better and better. I liked Joel for his confusion about his feelings for Jet but pressing on anyway because of his need to look after him and I LOVED Jethro for his sexiness, his willingness to take chances and for his brokenness as well.
I felt the story and particularly the three way relationship developed very naturally and believably. I very much enjoyed the testing and somewhat experimental scenes between Jet and Joel as they start getting together, the way Jet relished when Joel took control and automatically gave Joel his submission. They are incredibly sexy together.
Ultimately I think that’s what saved this book for me, the amazing connection forged by the author between these three people is tangible and heartfelt and makes for a good read in and of itself. I actually feel that the sideline of Jet’s past coming back to haunt him was unnecessary, that there was enough meat on the bones with his own personal issues, Joel’s inner conflict and Candy’s blog to make for an overall more credible and satisfying story.
Lastly, and yes it is a pet peeve for me (although I hope with this being an ARC and possibly not the final version that the errors will be fixed), but there are enough spelling mistakes, missing words and the occasional extra word thrown in where there shouldn’t be to disrupt the flow of the writing. This is a crying shame, because the story is worth reading without the distraction.

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