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Sheer Luck (Lucky Me & Blind Luck) Kelly Moran ( Lily’s Review )


  Sheer Luck (Lucky Me & Blind Luck)
by Kelly Moran (Goodreads Author)


Lily Freeman‘s review

4 out of 5 Stars 

So, I’ve come to a rather disturbing conclusion over the last few months. When it comes to my tastes in literature, I’m the girl at the back.

I like it dark, twisted and gritty, so when I asked very nicely for a copy of Kelly Moran’s Sheer Luck, something inside me screamed – WTF!!

It took three sentences for me to know, I loved this author. Her writing style is fantastic. It’s quick, eloquent, and sassy. I devoured the first novella in hours.

Book one follows Declan, a self-confessed irish charmer who’s great with the ladies, a magnificent lay and a man who plans on never settling down with a woman, due to a hundred year old family curse. While I raised a brow at that little twist initially, I loved where it took the plot, especially when Declan falls head over heals for the woman of his dreams.
The characters are believable, adorable and just meant to be together. For me, the end was a smidge too rushed, which is to be expected in a novella, yet I still felt completely satisfied and a little tingly after reading this book. I highly recomend it.

Now book two, Aiden, the other brothers book. While I adored this book too, it did feel oddly similar; same cures, same time frame, same- I want you but can’t have you angst. If I had read this book first, it would have been my favourite, and vice versa but back to back, it just didn’t feel new and exciting to me. That said, I still loved it.

This author is amazing, and her style of writing totally swept me up and took me away.


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