True Story

Author Anonymous: A True Story by E.K. Blair ( Gina’s Review )

Author Anonymous: A True StoryAuthor Anonymous: A True Story by E.K. Blair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For all the stink this book has caused on facebook, I went in with an open mind, I was shocked by all the negative remarks I saw about it, but I really “got” the book. There isn’t a time when I am reading a book that I don’t fully lose myself in that book and its characters, I have laughed with them, cried, mourned them with book hangovers, and if someone can look at me and tell me they haven’t been effected by a book I am calling BS to their face or their facebook page. I can really relate to being the bored housewife and being in that rut of reliving the same day over & over again, it’s like being trapped in the movie Groundhogs day. So why wouldn’t she find Alec (the shiny new play toy) fun to play with, he is giving her what she desperately craves ATTENTION what woman doesn’t want that, to have a good looking man tell you exactly what you want to hear, especially when you write that for a living, you can dream up these amazing fantasy sex scenes, that you wish were happening to you in real life, and bam one night on a computer you stumble across a man who is willing to give you that. You really must go into this book with a open mind and just let yourself be, you might even find yourself enjoying the book and losing yourself for a few hours.
Do I agree with her choices, No there was a better way to handle this, Do I feel sorry for her, Yes I do, how sad and lonely are you in life that it came down to this.

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