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Forever Kinda Love by Clara Stone (Gina’s Review )

Forever Kinda Love (Lovelly, #1)Forever Kinda Love by Clara Stone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Warning: when you read this book you should do so with a box of tissues!
Carrigan or Ace as she is called by everyone through out the book met Hudson when she was 7 & he was 8, both have lost their moms at different points in their lives.
Hudson has pretty much been in love with from the first time he laid eyes on her but he would never act on it because he is afraid of losing her.
Ace is in love with Hudson but she sees him with all the different girls around school, he pretty much is a man whore and why risk their friendship, they are so close it’s not worth the risk to have that fall apart.
Senior year things finally start to change for Hudson, Other guys start to see Carrigan for the beautiful woman she is becoming, and Hudson is having a hard time adjusting to that, Ace is his nobody else’s.
There are alot of deep emotional parts to this book, you know it’s leading up to something very serious, you pick up on that the first chapter and you are praying you are wrong.
the book is well written the characters are amazing you connect with them right away.
I was crying by the end of the book.

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