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Franco: Brightside #3 Kim Holden Tracy’s Review

Franco (Bright Side, #3)Franco by Kim Holden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I expected to cry but i laughed so much, I didn’t know this book was coming out even though i am in the bright side group (shame on me ) i saw Coho post it and that was it, i one clicked this baby and told anyone who spoiled it on my facebook i would cause them bodily harm lol so i avoided all groups and newsfeed and jumped in totally blind i didn’t read the blurb and knew nothing except the cover on the front HOT by the way and that it was brightside 3, i laughed so much at the witty banter between these two and these books make me feel like it is ohh so better to live on the brightside of things, to get that from a book means it touched my heart in ways i’m still trying to wrap my head around WHAT A BOOK !
hopeless romantics you are going to want to live in this one forever
Would Franco Be My Book Boyfriend ? He’ll yes He is my book HUSBAND MINE #CLAIMED

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