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Tracy Owner of Be My Book Boyfriend.
Hi i am Tracy from Dublin, I am a married  mother of 6 , i am an Author PA and i Beta read too and i am a tour host . I decided to become a blogger after i signed up as a reviewer for Stephanie over on Stephanie’s Book reports, she made it look easy LOL and here i am.

If you would like me to review your book please email me bemybookboyfriend@gmail.com

please bear in mind my ARC list is always a mile long so it may take some time to read your book.

Lynne Hughes 

Hi I’m Lynne, a 30-hem year old married mother of 2 sons.
Being surrounded by boys 24/7 – I love my “me time” when I can slip off with a book and escape into a world of fantasy.
As I don’t work due to a medical condition, I have a fair amount of time for reading – and more time when I’m especially bad!
The “medical condition” I refer to is Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. Some people may know that strong emotions cause me to collapse and so the best compliment I can give an author is a “+ splat” meaning I got so caught up in the book I forgot it wasn’t real.
A few authors I’ve met through this blog have done this already. Diana Gardin, Misti Murphy And Renee Kennedy to name just a few. And I would be thrilled to find more.

Gayle Latreille

I love many different genre… Hot, spicy menage, MFM, MMF and recently reading a MMM which is HOT. .. love Western, PNR, MC (not fairies or angels/demons) I Do NOT want to read any FF or FFM, MFF I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada. I am now retired from many years as a Property Manager of numerous High rise rental and Condo buildings.

Sue Sidebottom 
I’m 51 live in Barnsley but from Halifax,I have two children and two grandchildren with a third on the way,I spend my time enjoying the kids xx

Maxine McCormick

Hi I’m Maxine from south London but currently living in Wigan. I’m married with two children. I work in a primary school and reading is my way to relax. I love reading about hot dominant men or hot guys who have a troubled past and are struggling with their feelings for a cute girl.
I have recently started doing some PA work for an author in my spare time, I have Tracy to thank.for that, she has been a massive support to me throughout! Love your face Tracy!

Wendy Livingstone

I am 56. Originally Scottish, lived in South Africa for 31 years, now live in Bangor Northern Ireland. Have 2 children. My daughter lives in Bangor and my son still lives in South Africa. I am an avid reader, which has my husband complaining no end, but after 36 years together I am an expert at selective hearing!!! Lol love him to bits really as he is definitely my best friend.

Lyndsey Fairley

I’m almost 29 with 2 kids and just found out we are expecting number 3 in November! I was born and raised in Missouri in the US and never left! I LOVE to read and i read just about anything but secretly love the dirty books! Love HEA’s even if it takes 10 books to get to it.

Eboni Hanewald

Just a little about me: I’m a southern girl through and through. I love my fur-babys and my husband. I spend almost all my free time reading or playing video games. With mmf, paranormal, historical or futuristic being my favorite reads. But I enjoy reading anything.

Raylene Green

I’m from a small town in West Virginia. I’m currently finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and will graduate May 2016. I’m married and I have 3 kids: Trae is 10, Jackson is 7, and Faith is 3. I enjoy reading most of all when I have the time to do so! Love meeting new people!!

Natalie Hughes

I am 35 years old and married 6 years this April to my husband David who is also my best friend. I recently started to Foster children and hope that this is something I will be able to do for a long long time. I don’t have children of own. I want to return to college to do Editing and Proofreading (but can’t find a course ). I am very loyal to family and those I call friends.

Kathleen Spiers

I’m an avid reader. Love reviewing! Read just about everything. Will admit I love psychological thrillers with dirty twists and erotic romance. Love a HEA! HFN works too! Cliffhangers that make me have to wait a long time for the next book make me crazy!

Stacey Johnston

I reside in Perth, Western Australia with my four children, and husband. I am a fulltime employee, wife, and mum, but during my spare time I also like to write. About a year ago I started on a journey to write a novel for publication. Over the years I have started following many authors from different genres, and have also reviewed for quite a few as well. It was during that time that I started on my mission to share my own stories. Earlier this year, my first book was published by Xlibris Publishing. I am in my own little world surrounded by things and people I love the most when I am writing and reading.

Ellie Spawton

I’m studying archaeology & history at Southampton, living in Bournemouth. I’m recently engaged and love traveling, Lord of the Rings, baking and fitness.

Sandra Mcaulay

Grandmother wife, mum, sister. 3 children 1 grandson.
Retired stay at home housewife. Honours degree in Human Resources with management. 55 years old. Love reading cooking and socialising with friends. Love travelling especially Mexico.

Karen Griffiths

ok I’m 39yrs old, Live in Newhaven, East Sussex. England. I have 2 children, live with long time boyfriend Darren Houston of 19 years, I have started my own business, and still work part time. I have walking issues and use crutches. I love reading and reviewing books. I don’t run a blog as 1 I don’t know how and probably don’t have enough time lol. xx

Wanda Smith

I am a 60 year old mother of 4+ a lovely daughter in law, grandmother of 8,+2 by love, great grandmother of 2.+ 3 by love not blood…Yes, I started my family at a young age…
I live in the upstate of South Carolina.
I work full time + as a lab manager in a construction materials lab, and I work on construction sites when the need arises.
I am an avid reader. I gave up on TV 3 years ago and other than an occasional movie on Netflix, I don’t turn it on.
I started a home base business a few years ago, but since the construction industry is booming, I typically work 55 hours a week, which doesn’t leave much time for me to sew. (Nonnie’s Kids on Facebook ).
I am currently working on a cookbook with recipes without grains or sugar. It is a slow process, but I have a few recipes developed so far…going out to my volunteer testers soon.
I have been on this diet and have lost a total of 70 pounds.
I don’t run a blog…When would I have time

Sarah Queen

Cheryl O’Harney

Lisa Pearson

 Louise DeCarlo Umfleet

Teresa Anderson

Gaynor Morgan 

Natalie Hughes
cally boyd
Brandy Freeman
Bridget Hickey
LaGina Reese
Kellane Ayanna Mitchener
Deanna cardineau
Michelle Bishop
Angie Esquilin
Candy Gurney
Claire Cronin
Danielle Marlowe
Gemma Cooper
Heather Miller
Marah White
Kathleen Spiers
karen Griffiths
Karen Griffiths
romelyn avila
Nikki brooks
LaGina Reese
Sabrina Thompson
Wendy Livingstone
Melissa Dingwall
julie osborne
Alexa Stevens
Amanda neilly
Christine campbell
Delia petrano
jennifer marie
Konny Doerbeck
Mandy French
Louise DeCarlo – Umfleet
Sabby arora
Leah blanks
Sherry bruyette
Tracy Andrade
Carrie Childers
Susan Dougherty
Margaret Neal
Alicia Mackey
Carina Cilli
Christy Hiland
Rini Tailor
Nikki Wilson





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  1. @Lynne Hughes – You are the first person besides myself that I have heard of who has narcolepsy with cataplexy. Most people have no idea what cataplexy is, or how scary it can be. I tend to describe it to people as “imagine if you were a marionette and all your strings were cut but you were awake the whole time”.


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