Sweet Romance

Love + Texting Author: Lexi Aidyn

With class over, I head to my truck and pull out my cell phone, and check if I have any missed calls or text messages. Since I've only had the phone a few days, few people have my new number. It bugs me a little that I hoped to find a text from "Girl who got stood up," the name I gave her on my phone. Whatever, I guess I can make the next move. DREW: How's your day going? I wait for a few minutes, watching for those three little dots that don't come. So, I try again. DREW: You have a name? Then I see the three dots. GIRL WHO GOT STOOD UP: Not sure it's a good idea to exchange names since I'm sure you're busy with work. What is she talking about? Work? She doesn't know what I do. DREW: We can at least share first names. That way, I can change your name on my phone from 'girl who got stood up. While I'm still wondering about her first comment, I shoot off another text. DREW: What did you mean, I'm busy with work? I see those three dots again… GIRL WHO GOT STOOD UP: You're a funny guy. You said you've been busy with your career. I didn't want to bother you. DREW: What I should have said is, I WAS busy with my career. I'm in a good place and ready to make time for other things in life. I figure if I tell her first, she has to share her name too. DREW: How about this? I'm Drew. Your turn. I wait and don't see the THREE dots appear, which can only mean she's thinking about it. GIRL WHO GOT STOOD UP: That's good. Don't want to keep you from those other things in life. DREW: Come on, don't be like that. We've been texting for a few days now. What's the harm in you giving your first name? GIRL WHO GOT STOOD UP: I don't know. You might be a stalker or, worse, a serial killer. DREW: Really? That was my plan all along, in the off chance that some random woman texts me by mistake on the phone that I've had less than 24 hours. I have the perfect opportunity to stalk her, or better yet, I'll add her to my list of women I've killed over text. GIRL WHO GOT STOOD UP: You have a point. I did text you first. I'm Dani. Dani. I wonder what that stands for. I don't ask because I know she will not share any other information.