Book Tour Pricing


Please read all terms and conditions below before you book your tour. 

  • New Book Announcement $30
  • 1-day promotion sent to blogs before the cover reveal 
  • Excerpt Reveal $45
  • 1-day promotion sent to blogs before the day of your release 
  • Cover reveal  $45
  • Description: 1-day promotion sent to blogs to reveal the cover of your book can also include any pre-order link and or giveaway (includes HTML, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram post and all banners and information for blogs to make their own post ) 
  • Teaser Blitz Followed by Release Blitz $120 
  • Every Tuesday leading to your release and then on release day.
  • Release or Sale Blitz  $50
  • 1-day promotion sent to blogs on the day of your release includes reviews from our personal review team and any blogs who wish to review. 
  • Blog Tour  $80 for 1 week $90 for 2 weeks
  • Similar to the release blitz only spread across 7 days blogs will choose a date in the 7-day time frame on which they will post and or review.
  • Unlimited Pack gives you 6 months of any tours you would like from the above list for a 6 months Duration, $400

** Terms and Conditions ** 

Refunds: No Refunds are given so please be sure this is what you want before you sign up with us. 

72 hours notice min is required when setting up dates for any tour, If you do not send all required information for your tour to at least 2 days before your tour, we reserve the right to Delay said tour.

Only links provided by the blog for their post will be shared with authors. We do not search for links but we do ask blogs to send back links to their post.

All blogs who agree to review will be asked for honest reviews only Personal details of reviewers will not be shared with any author. Such as their kindle address 

We have a review team of over 90 members not all members will review your book they choose which ones they wish to review these will not show on your form responses but they will post their review to Amazon, Goodreads and or Bookbub. 

Reviews: We are not responsible if no one wishes to review your book and your promotion would still go ahead as planned on the due date. 

If you change your date for your tour, we are not responsible for the blogs who don’t wish to take further part in your tour. 

All banners for tours are made by Be My Book Boyfriend or the Author.

Pictures for said banners are purchased/provided by Be My Book Boyfriend or the Author.

If your tour was unsatisfactory you can appeal it here – and we will decide if a redo is in need. 

Information used for your tour, as in blogger lists and email addresses, and banners will not be passed on to other tour hosts.

Be My Book Boyfriend does hold a promo-only master list; member counts are subject to change. Members are not required to post all tours; only ones of their choosing.

Be My Book Boyfriend has the right to refuse tours to whom they see fit.

Thank you for choosing Be My Book Boyfriend. You must agree to these terms and conditions before your tour is formed. 


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