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I accept submissions for review from Authors, Assistants, Publicists, or Publishers.

(And also from Readers or Bloggers.)

First, I wish I could read everything sent to me, but time constraints and the fact that I review almost everything I read, means that I am limited in reading time.

Feel free to send me your request, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee that I’ll  review it.

Please don’t think this means that I wouldn’t love to hear from you, and about your book. I would!

Even if time won’t allow me to read your book, I do mention books that I’ve found intriguing (even if I haven’t read them yet).

I accept books in print or e-book (Kindle) format.


What to Include in Your Review Request: (this also applies for Promotional Posts)


Your contact name (and role)

Is it a published book or  Advanced Reading  Copy (ARC)?

Page count

Is there a HEA?

Intended audience?

What’s the Genre?

1. New Adult               4. Historical                       7. Fantasy

2. Young Adult                       5. Mystery           8. Dark / Unconventional

3. Contemporary                6. Paranormal                    9. BDSM Erotic

Standalone or part of a series?

If part of a series, are they interconnected standalones or one continuing story?





Any picture you wish to include in the Review post – Book Cover, Teasers, Dream cast etc.

Giveaway copies available (if applicable).



>  If this is an ARC, please write it in the email subject.

(Example: ARC Review Request of… )

>  If this is an ARC, will I be able to post my review the moment I am done (or on the date previously agreed), or should I contact you in matters of my star rating! ??

> Because of Amazon review updates,  I don’t usually cross post anymore, meaning if I accept your request, I will review the book on this site. If requested, I may consider posting it on Amazon and on Goodreads.

The reviews shared on this site are  my honest opinion, and they are the property of this site and can only be used with my permission and that Be My Book Boyfriend is cited.

EMAIL your request to: If there is a mobi file available for your book please attach it in the email, this will make your request go a lot faster.

If you have any questions on whether or not I would be interested in your book, feel free to contact me.

I do NOT accept any form of payment from authors or publishers for reviews.